10 Things to Look for in a Marriage Celebrant

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting, romantic and important days of your life.  Your family and closest friends will surround you and your partner to help celebrate your love and your choice to spend the rest of your lives together.  It is a sacred and special day and you want it to unfold with ease and elegance.

Your choice of Gold Coast and Byron Bay Marriage Celebrant is an essential part of how your wedding day will play out.  Choose a Marriage Celebrant who is confident, organised and who will articulate your ceremony in your style.  They need to have the skills to engage your guests and orchestrate your special ceremony with flow and grace.

Here is a list of the top 10 things to look for in a Celebrant to help you find the perfect Wedding Celebrant for your special day.

  1. Good communication skills.  Being able to communicate with your Celebrant is critical.Can they listen?
    It’s your day, mare sure they are open to really listen to your perspective of how you want it to be.

    Will they advise?
    Chances are you’ve never done this before; your Celebrant needs to guide you thorough so you don’t need to worry about:
    – How to choose your vows and rituals
    – Legal lodgements
    – Sound Systems
    – Order of events
    – Clear details about fees and what it includes

    Are they open to feedback?
    Your Celebrant will craft a ceremony for you, once you receive it you want to feel comfortable that your feedback will be received and acted on.

    Can you reach them easily?
    You want a Celebrant who is easy to contact and who responds to your emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

  2. Be organised
    You want a Marriage Celebrant who has all the required paperwork in order, sends in legal documents in plenty of time and who is generally well organised.  They should have the ceremony finalised well in advance.   The actual wedding day itself will be jam packed for you and your partner.  You want to be confident your Wedding Celebrant has everything under control.  It is their job to have all the details sorted well and truly before the day so you and your partner can relax and focus on looking amazing and enjoying yourselves.
  3. Have their own equipment
    Your Marriage Celebrant, by law, is required to ensure    the ceremony is audible for all your guests.  They will have their own Public Address (P.A.) system and if required, staff to ensure the acoustics of the ceremony are perfect.
  4. Be flexible and open to your suggestions – after all it’s your day
    Everyone is different and everyone wants their ceremony to be unique.  You want a Celebrant who will help you come up with a beautiful ceremony, which celebrates you and your partner and your own personal styles.
  5. Have a creative flair with ideas and suggestions
    You want to be able to customise your wedding to suit you.  You want a Celebrant who has executed a range of styles so they can help to craft your special day into one to remember.  You might want to share stories of how you met and why you fell in love; so this can all be incorporated into your own unique ceremony.  Your Marriage Celebrant will make suggestions for your  ceremony, including different rituals, cultural traditions and different spiritual elements.  You want a Celebrant who is encouraging and helpful when putting your ceremony together.
  6. Be confident
    speaking in front of 100 strangers is not an easy feat and not something everyone can do.  Your Celebrant will be running the show and you want them to be confident, speaking clearly and comfortably as they run through the ceremony with a smile on their face, engaging with your guests.
  7. Be calm under pressure
    You want a Celebrant who is experienced enough to take control if something goes awry and keep everything on track.  You want to know your Wedding Celebrant will be able to stay focused and take initiative and still be able to orchestrate your ceremony perfectly.
  8. Be friendly and warm
    Your Celebrant is representing you and your partner in marriage – you want someone with a wide smile, friendly manner and an open heart.  Your Celebrant will also end up in quite a few of your photos so you want someone who is well presented and with a positive energy about them.
  9. Be qualified
    Choose a Gold Coast and Byron Bay Celebrant who has been appointed by the Attorney General as a Civil Marriage Celebrant and who holds a current license to officiate at your wedding.   This shows they have done all the relevant training, are legally able to marry you and are up to date with all the legislation.
  10. Be professional and know all the legal requirements of marriage
    There are certain statements which need to be included in a ceremony to make it legal as well as official forms you need to fill out.  You want to know all forms are lodged in plenty of time, all legal requirements are satisfied and that your marriage certificate is correctly completed.  Your marriage should be one of the most fun days of your life, but there is a very serious side to the day too – you are entering into a legally binding contract, and it is your Celebrant’s responsibility to ensure all paperwork is compliant and accurate.


Your wedding Celebrant will be the person binding you and your partner in marriage.  They will be there to support you on your special day and bring your family and friends together as they acknowledge and celebrate your love for each other.   Your Celebrant plays a huge role in your wedding day so be sure to find someone who resonates with you and who fulfils all your requirements to ensure your wedding is truly magical and stress free.

To plan your special day, contact Fiona Woodward Gold Coast and Byron Bay Marriage Celebrant.

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