Tips to create a wonderful wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony tips from a marriage celebrant

I often get asked for weddings tips and wedding advice. Here is a collection of tips that I have gained through personal experience as a Gold Coast and Byron Bay Marriage Celebant.

  1. Set a date night to workshop your vows with your partner.  This shouldn’t feel like a chore.  It’s an opportunity to sit with each other and discuss your future.  You are deciding on what promises you will make to each other for life.  It’s a big deal, and deserves an evening dedicated to it.  Sip on a glass of champagne or nibble on some chocolates while you work on your vows to make the process even more special.  If you are stuck for ideas speak to your Marrriage Celebrant.
  2. It is your wedding.  Do what you want, not Aunty Freda! If you want to ride in on a horse, go for it.  Do what feels right.  Picture yourself at weddings you’ve attended and call home the positive feelings from these experiences, and hone in on what specifically made them feel special for you. This will help you to picture your own wedding and allow you to build on how you want your own day to unfold.
  3. Get sorted early. The relief knowing the ceremony has been finalised is a wonderful feeling. It is one of the most important elements of the day, so once it has been sorted it means you can focus on yourselves (and any reminding tasks that need to be organised).  With some early pondering and daydreaming you can have this part of your wedding day – the heart and soul of the day, the ceremony – all sorted.
  4. Readings. If you want a reading or two, it’s best to choose people who are confident standing in front of a crowd.  If you’re not sure what piece you want read out, you could ask them to choose a piece for you, or your Marriage Celebrant can assist.
  5. Do want you want – It’s your day, follow your heart.  I can’t stress this enough.
  6. Have front row seating plans for the ceremony– this is just as important as reception seating.  You want everyone seated next to someone they will be happy to sit next to, allowing spaces at the front for your parents, grandparents and immediate family.  Consider family politics and ensure everyone will be happy with where they sit.  It’s best not to leave this to chance.
  7. Brides, it’s very important that you’re on time for your wedding.  Enjoy getting ready with the girls but remember there is a very nervous groom hanging out the front with a mass of guests staring at him.  In my role as a Marriage Celebrant, I’ve had some grooms confide to me when their bride is just 5 minutes late, that they think they’ve called it off.  It’s such an important day and nerves can be a little delicate, so allow for plenty of time to get to the ceremony on time to minimise stress for everyone.   Also, remember when you walk down the aisle, take your time, and breathe.
  8. Do what you want.  And be on time.
  9. Don’t stress the small stuff.  Plan well in advance and then let it flow.  At the end of the ceremony you will be husband and wife! Yep, that’s what we’re talking about here, not the miniature ribbon on the ring pillow.  Keep the bigger picture in perspective, there may be something that doesn’t go quite right, but it’s not worth your time on the day.
  10. Remember – do what you want. Be on time. Don’t stress the small stuff. Remember to breathe.

As your Gold Coast and Byron Bay Wedding Celebrant I am here to make your day special.

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