Ceremony Vision

These questions will prompt you to help crystallize the vision of your ceremony and bring it into reality.

Ceremony vision

What are the three words that would describe the vision of your wedding ceremony? i.e. relaxed, spiritual, themed and fun, intimate etc

Will anyone be giving the bride away? If so who?

Will you have anyone reading or singing for you at the ceremony? Who? What?

Do you have any particular music you want to play at the ceremony?

Do you have a particular theme, religious content or ritual you want incorporated?

Would you like a book of choices for your ceremony or would you like me to write a ceremony for you after we’ve met?

Would you like a rehearsal?

How many guests will be present?

Will a personal address system be required? (Recommended for over 80 guests)

Dress code/ colour scheme:

Is there anything unique about you and your future husband/ wife or the relationship which you would like incorporate into the ceremony?

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